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The engineering dump truck is often used for transporting loose materials such as dust, sand, stone, earth and coal for engineering construction, mine and other occasions. By using JAC dedicated chassis for self-unloading vehicle, the product performs stably and reliably. The interior trim and the vehicle body are the new type. Meanwhile, several kinds of body combinations can be available for customers to choose. The hydraulic lifting system has high lifting efficiency and won't come out with hydraulic cylinder scuffing and oil leakage.

Meanwhile, the product adopts dual circuit air brake system with air leak protection device and it can achieve spring brake. This brake system can be operated easily with fast action and high efficiency. Thus, the driving safety can be guaranteed effectively. In addition, the auxiliary exhaust brake is optional for customers. It can help to overcome heat of brake shaft caused by long-term usage of wheel-side brake.

The engineering dump truck plays a very important role in engineering construction. It can shorten the time limit of engineering and reduce the labor intensity greatly. Through introducing advanced technology and independent research and development, our company mainly provides the product of light duty type, medium duty type and heavy duty type. The product has been found all over the China and in 28 foreign countries and regions.

Our engineering dump truck can discharge its bulk materials by itself through hydraulic or mechanical lifting system. It is mainly composed of chassis, lifting system, dump body and power take-off unit. Apart from the conventional type, we also produce the product with the steering wheel at right hand. During the process of engineering construction, by working with the construction machinery together such as excavator, loader and belt conveyor, the product matching with the scale of the engineering can be employed to form loading, transporting and unloading lines to enhance the construction efficiency.

As an experienced engineering dump truck manufacturer and supplier in China, Jianghuai Special Purpose Vehicle provides a wide range of products that includes light duty dump truck, medium duty dump truck, road wrecker, concrete mixer truck, and more.

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