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Our transport dump truck is designed and configured with many advanced technologies and high quality devices.

1. The product adopts typical JAC cab which is produced with advanced technology and is very safe and comfortable.
2. The vehicle adopts the power system manufactured by domestic leading enterprise. Featuring strong power, large output torque and good grade ability performance, it can adapt to various kinds of working conditions.
3. The frame of the product is straight type and processed with riveting. The rails and cross beams are formed with punching at one time and assembled with cold riveting.

We can also offer the transport dump truck with flat packing container for engineering. The packing container has large length and capacity. It is the combination of the packing containers of light truck and engineering truck. Our product is widely used in countryside, mine, civil engineering for transporting dust, sand, stone, earth, coal and other materials.

Jianghuai Special Purpose Vehicle is a specialized transport dump truck manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides engineering dump truck, fuel tank truck, refrigerated truck, truck mounted crane, and more.

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