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The right hand drive dump truck is developed especially for the countries in which vehicles travel on the right side on road. It is widely used for transporting the loose building materials such as dust, sand, stone and earth for engineering construction and other occasions. It can also be employed for carrying ore or coal in mining field. This series of products adopts JAC dedicated chassis for self-unloading vehicle which has high strength and rational arrangement. The material of the cab is 1.2mm thick steel plate. All the parts of the cab are formed with stamping through the mould at one time. By using advanced manipulator welding technology and automatic painting process, the cab has nice appearance, compact structure, good sealing performance and air circulation.

The front suspension of the right hand drive dump truck utilizes leaf spring with variable stiffness. When the product has no load, the damping effect is very significant and can bring comfortable feeling for driver. When the product is with full load, the stiffness of the suspension is large. So the product is very fit for carrying material with large density. The top cylinder support is fixed via cast. The adopted integrated structure of single hydraulic system without subframe has large strength and won't deform. So the product can be used with safety and reliability.

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