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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The bracket arm and hoist boom of the road wrecker are made of steel plate with high strength through bending forming. The processes including machining, welding and assembling for all the approved final parts are finished via reliable process equipment and fixture. The welding mode is carbon dioxide arc welding and argon arc welding. The length of the welding seam is greater than 300mm. By taking usage of automatic welding technology, the welding seam can be guaranteed with the strength no less than that of base material. Meanwhile, its surface is nice and smooth.

Technical Parameters of Tow Truck
1Model HFC5061TQZPT
2 Model of Chassis HFC1061K93
3 Wheelbase (mm) 3815
4 Drive Mode 4×2
5 Overall Dimension (mm) 7520×2300×2690
6 Dimension of Platform (mm) 5530×2280
7 Curb Weight (Kg) 4980
8 Rating Pulling Capacity (kg) 4000
9 Lift Weight(kg) 950
10 Engine Model/Engine Power (kw ) CY4102-C3D / 80
11 Brake System Air Brake
12 Fuel Oil Type Diesel
13 Emission Standard Euro Ⅲ
14 Spec. of Tire 7.50R16
15 Max. Speed (km/h) 98
16 Displacement(L) 3.856

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Through placing the devices involving in lifting, towing and hoisting on special JAC cargo chassis, the road wrecker can achieve functions of lifting, towing, hoisting, platform elevating and transporting with load. It is designed with nice appearance and can be operated conveniently and easily with safety and reliability. The product can be widely used in the units such as highway, traffic police, airport, wharf, vehicle repair, and expressway company for carrying away the vehicles in accident or with malfunction or violating the rules fast and timely.

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