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The special heavy duty vehicles are configured with special equipment to fulfill specific functions. They are modified from ordinary freight trucks to assume specialized transportation task such as transporting special materials. The product can be used for transporting the goods of liquid type, gaseity type, loose powder type and granular type. It can also carry the cargoes with the requirements of heat preservation, freshness keeping and refrigerating. Meanwhile, the product can transport dangerous goods which are poison, flammable or explosive.

Our special heavy duty vehicle incorporates concrete mixer truck, refrigerated truck, truck mounted crane, fuel tank truck and road wrecker. The concrete mixer truck has six types with the working volume of tank ranging from 8m³ to 16m³ for customers to choose. If you have the needs of transporting the cargoes of frozen food, fish product, sea food and other kinds, the refrigerated truck would be the ideal choice for you. The truck mounted crane is applicable to varieties of working conditions and has wide operating range. The fuel tank truck designed with three types is the requisite equipment of petrochemical sector. The road wrecker has a wide application range with flexible operation.

We are an experienced special heavy duty vehicles manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including concrete mixer truck, road wrecker, truck mounted crane, engineering dump truck, and much more.

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