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Maintenance Points for JAC Dump Truck

Maintenance for Fastening Parts
The user should often test the dump body, frame and connections of the assembly of the dump body to make sure the fastening parts are in the proper state.

1. If the front locking device of the plates on left and right sides is too tight or to loose, the user can loosen the bolt on the locking bracket through turning the locking device up and down to achieve adjustment. When the locking device is adjusted to the proper state, then the user can tighten the bolt.

2. If the locking apparatus of left and right protective plates is too tight or to loose, the method of adjustment is the same as the abovementioned adjustment way.

3. The clearance of the rear side plate to left and right side plates can be cleared up through adjusting the nut of rear lock plunger. After the adjustment, the two nuts should be tightened accordingly.

Maintenance for Dump Body
1. The grease should be added into the flip hinge.

2. When rinsing the interior and exterior surface of the dump body, the user cannot use hard tool to scrape the dirt on the surface. If the paint on the surface is found disappeared, the user should repair and paint the surface immediately to avoid corrosion and rust.

3. Before washing the dump body of the light truck, the user should choose proper place, get ready for related tools and cleaning agent and close the window and door of the truck. When removing the rubber pad on the floor of the dump body, the dust and earth should be taken away with the rubber pad to avoid being left in the dump body. After being washed clearly, the rubber pad should be put in the air until it is dry. Then, the user can put the rubber pad to its original place. When washing the dump body, the user can spray high pressure water to the surface of dump body from the bottom up to wash away the attached earth. If the mud guard is still dirty, the brush can be employed to wash it.

4. As to wash the truck body, the hose is adopted to wet the whole body of the truck from its roof. Then clean the body from top to down with sponge or soft cloth to scrub off the dirt. The hose and the truck body should be kept with certain distance to avoid the hose scratching the truck body.

Method for Removing the Sticker and Oil Film
1. When erasing the sticker on the windshield of the dump truck, the user should tear down the sticker with hands first and soak the remained part with hot water. Then, the remained part can be cleared off with fingernail and razor blade. The adhesive on the windshield can be clear away with cloth covered with kerosene.

2. If there is the need to eliminate the sticker on the truck body, it is better to peel off the sticker with hands first. Then wet the remained part with hot water and pour the hot water from the tilted part. Then, rip off the remained part again with hands. After repeating the procedure several times, the whole sticker and adhesive can be cleared away completely.

3. The oil film on the windshield is not propitious for driving, especially driving at night on a rainy day. The oil film would diffuse the headlight line of vehicles of the opposite direction, which has influence on the sight of driver. So, the oil film on the windshield must be cleared away. There are dedicated agents for removing the oil film, such as canned spray type oil film remover. In addition, the soap and the washing agent for windshield can also be available for removing the oil film. But it is better to choose the dedicated oil film remover. Meanwhile, the oil film on the wiper blades should also be cleaned. The method is using the cloth covered with the oil film remover to clean the contact surface of the wiper and windshield.

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